Account Restrictions

Please note that you will need to set account restrictions for the new school year.  Restrictions will not carry over due to our software change.  You may set restrictions for the 2018-2019 school year by creating an account at

Your submitted request will be entered and take effect as soon as possible.  If you would like any account restrictions to take effect more quickly, you may make the changes using your online account.

You may include all students on the same form if you would like the same account settings and restrictions for all. Otherwise, please fill out a separate form for each with different restriction choices.

Today's Date *
Today's Date
Please use the student's legal name listed on school records.
Select Account Restrictions
Explanation of Restrictions: Cash for A La Carte Students may not use their account balance to purchase any a la carte items, including milk. No Snack Items Snack items, extra portions, and High School break items may not be purchased. Extra milk may still be purchased.
The daily spending limit restricts how much of the balance a customer can use in a single day. If the amount is exceeded, the customer must pay cash for the excess. Please take into consideration the price of breakfast and lunch at their campus before entering a daily limit. If left blank, there will be no daily limit for the account. See our full price list on this site to help determine your limits. **Please be aware that you will possibly need to adjust your daily spending limits to accommodate any price increases in the future. Please send in a new form to do so.
Remove Restrictions from Account
If you already have restrictions on your child(ren)'s account, but would like to remove them, please select which to remove.

If you would like to discuss more restrictive account options, please contact:
Crystal Thill, Child Nutrition Director
(903) 389-2532