Fairfield ISD encourages the use of prepayment for breakfast and lunch to reduce the possibility of forgetting their breakfast or lunch money.  Meals are available to students with pre-paid meal accounts, who pay cash, or who are eligible for free and reduced meals.  Federal regulations do not mandate meals to be provided to children without money.   The option of charging meals is a privilege for students and staff who have forgotten money.  It is expected that meal accounts be replenished as soon as possible, and it’s required that all charges be paid by the end of the school year.  Charges for students who are approved for free meal benefits will be forgiven.  Charges for students approved for reduced meal benefits are still owed.

Charging privileges are as follows:

Complete meals only are considered for students needing to charge a meal.  A la carte purchases are not permitted to be charged, but may be purchased if the student has cash to cover the purchase.

  • Students - All Grades: may charge complete, reimbursable meals - no limit
  • Staff/Faculty: may charge up to $25.00

  • Visitors/Others: charging is not permitted

Campus and district staff make every effort to notify households when money is owed.  FISD utilizes different methods to communicate charges with you.

  • School Messenger: the district uses School Messenger to notify about negative cafeteria balances, absences, school emergencies, events, etc.  Please make sure your campus has correct contact information for your child to receive these notices.  Negative cafeteria notices through School Messenger will go out Wednesdays between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

  • Phone Calls and Email: the Child Nutrition staff may get in contact with you personally through phone and/or email.

  • Campus Administration Contact: we may request that a campus administrator get in contact with you if we feel there is reason to do so.

  • Mailed Notices: notices are mailed when we feel that you may not have received notice through School Messenger or our phone calls and emails home.


We encourage parents and guardians to use to help track account balances.  You may make payments online, or simply use it to monitor balances and purchases being made.  You may also set up a customized threshold for notifications (separate from School Messenger).

Parents may set restrictions for meal accounts, also through

Updated 6/4/2018